Military Phone Service - When placing military phone calls overseas whether it’s calling Iraq from the US, calling Afghanistan from the US or calling Kuwait from the US, our international military phone service is second to none in the industry.  We offer the best international phone rates, along with the lowest armed forces phone service, domestically and globally.  Our military phone service enables families and friends of military personnel to make outbound calls to any base in the world that supports AT&T and MCI's Defense Systems Network.  Also check out our military wireless service.

Military phone service enables families and friends of military personnel to make outbound calls to any base in the world that supports Defense Systems Network.  Our rate is just 1.9¢ per minute and includes up to 473 free phone minutes on sign up.  But, for a limited time through our "Triple Savings Promotion", we're offering Military long distance both domestically here in the states and to US military bases overseas for ONLY 0.9¢ per minute, that's less than 1¢ per minute and includes up to 1000 free minutes.

Our service men and women can also make calls back to the United States from select military bases around the world or use our international phone service from the US.  Make US military calls overseas from your home, cell or office phone with no taxes or additional fees of any kind. 

Call Bases in the US and Overseas

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When compared to AT&T and MCI's DSN (Defense Systems Network) rate of 5¢ per minute, this is a great saving.  You can stay in touch with family and friends deployed overseas,
even in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Armed forces phone plans makes it affordable for families at home in the USA to keep in touch with love ones, both domestic and international.  You can also save on international calls to cell phones in Iraq at 8.1¢ per minute and Afghanistan at 15.4¢ per minute!  These rates also include calls made to non-military folks, so if you want to cut back on your long distance or international phone bill, check out our Global Phone Rates.  At the present time, inbound calls can only be placed from military bases in the UK and Finland.

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*Military Phone Service works with all Military bases within the U.S. and around the world as long as they support DSN (Defense Systems
Network) from AT&T and MCI.  Take advantage of our "Triple Savings Promotion" and call U.S. bases for less than 1¢ per minute!!!

mStep 1:. or order by phone:.1-800-440-9896
mStep 2:.Register up to 10 phone numbers from your home or office, both land lines and cell phones.
             These are the primary numbers you will be making phone calls from.  Once these numbers have
             been programmed into the system our switches will recognize the caller ID (ANI) when you
             make a call.
mStep 3:.Immediate Activation - Sign up for $10.00, $25.00, $50.00 0r $100.00 worth of long distance
              calling, both domestic and international.  There is NO LIMIT on the time it takes to use up your
              minutes and there is NO PER CALL FEE.

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